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Welcome to Love thy Health
This is place where women of all ages and stages in life can come to learn more about their holistic health options, how to be your best self inside and out and how to empower yourself and others with the necessary tools to live your best life!

My name is Alicia Stephens and I am a Certified (AADP) Holistic Health Coach,
Diamond Business Leader with doTERRA and a mom to 3 amazing kiddos.

Loving the Health is not just a passion of mine, its a way of life to discover your best self possible!

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Real Foods
Self Care & Love
Essential Oils
Discover how what you put in your body can vastly improve you feel, think and function each and every day!
Taking care of YOU is the most important tool you have to staying well and feeling well.  Our emotional health impacts our physical health and daily life. 
Discover natural, safe and effectiive solutions for your everyday health & happiness needs with the natural support and benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils.
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