I know first hand what my clients are going through when it comes to the overwhelm and stress in the journey of raising a healthy family.  I went from being a over-stressed, always worried, busy, not so healthy and tired "mom" who was always facing a new health challenge or crisis in our family constantly - to being a empowered and confident mother that helped my family find simple, safe/natural solutions, practices and tools that keep us well and happy all year long.  I practice what I preach and believe my realistic and simplified approach to health makes my clients that much more successful.

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Welcome to the Love thy Health Community.  My name is Alicia Stephens, I am the Founder of Love thy Health Co.,  a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Health Coach + Consultant, doTERRA Diamond Business leader, wife and mother of 3.

I am passionate about creating a online space and community where women of all backgrounds, ages and stages of life can come and learn about their natural options when it comes to taking care of themselves and their families as well.

You can also connect with me on Facebook - Love thy Health Company , Instagram - Love thy Health Company or you can always email me anytime at lovethyhealthcompany@gmail.com .

Sick and tired of being sick and tired....

My story starts like this....

I was your average working mother who did "all the right things".  I followed the books, the advice, the crazy fads, you name it to not ever feel quite right in my own body.  I was tired, overworked, underslept, a bit overweight, had terrible digestive problems and skin issues - I could keep going but will stop here.  The problem was, I just "accepted" that this was a part of aging, life and how it was supposed to be because I was doing everything "right".

As my children began to grow and experienced various health concerns as they matured, little alarm bells started to go off in inside my mind.  My 5 year was on over 4 medications a day for things like allergies and asthma, etc. and I started to wonder, is all of this really necessary and safe?!  But I was told that it was and so I went on....

It wasn't until a pretty intense side effect a few years later that hit my child and world very hard that I knew deep down in my bones that something had to change.  I could not allow this to continue any longer as my children's wellbeing and overall qualify of life was being challenged hard.

I started to ask myself...

What if everything we had been told about how to stay well, wasn't really the answer for long term health?  Why was'nt anyone talking to me about the root cause of these health issues vs. only getting the quick solution?  What if there was simply something missing from this type of health care? What if our bodies were actually intended to feel good and look good no matter what age or stage of life we are in by God's natural creation?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

After much research, consultations with other doctors and care providers, we made some changes in our home.  We began to focus on what we put in, on and around our body.  Trust me when I say, this DID NOT all happen overnight (and we are by no means perfect to this day in this area).  This was about removing the culprits, repairing the damage and restoring the body in balance.  

The changes we saw in just a few weeks time were nothing short of incredible.  In fact, I remember my daughter saying to me that she didn't feel like her head was in the "clouds" so much (she often complained of foggy thinking) and I remember my stomach not being bloated or hurting as often as it used to.   We no longer felt lethargic constantly,  my skin got clearer, sleep improved, emotional eating stopped and well, we could tell something was definitely changing for the better.

And so this is what started my journey.  My family feeling better before in ways we simply did not know about before.  We simply could not do better or feel better, because we didn't know better.  

And now we know and are inspired to share this information with the world.

When we shift our perception, our experience changes.

After many years in corporate America and discovering some amazing yet simple and safe ways to care for my family, I was fueled with passion to make a difference in this world, one family at a time.

I became a Certified Holistic  Health Practitioner through training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in  2013.  I am also certified as a Drugless Practitioner of Health through the AADP. This has allowed me to coach, share and educate women and families who aspire to live a bette quality of life with safe, natural and effective solutions.

I work specifically with women who are looking to improve the overall health and wellbeing of themselves and/or their family with a focus on:

Women's Health
Family Health
Natural Weight Loss
Autoimmune Health

Additionally, I coach and mentor women who are looking to become a entrepreunuer and leader in the natural health & wellness industry to create  flexibility and residual income in their lives through helping others.

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