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Are you thinking about getting your body ready for bathing suit season?​​​

Yes of course we all want to look fab and hot in our bathing suits this Summer, which can be a powerful motivator, but the real goal in mind is to get a short + sweet yet effective detox in to:
- get our sugar cravings in check!
- boost our energy levels to keep up with the kids 
- rid ourselves of some not-so-great habits that follow us around like a crazy stalker
- de-bloat that belly because you know it's not supposed to feel or look this way on a regular basis 
- yes drop a few pounds and learn to burn FAT
- pick up some healthier habits & food ideas to feel good all of the time 
- let go of toxins that really do not do us good in any way shape or form
- get results without overhauling your entire life

To conquer these uber important goals (because they really DO impact our health in SO many ways), we here at Love thy Health have created a 10-day Pre- Summer Detox Program, that focuses on:
- feeling good from the inside out
- healthy habits
- gentle detoxification
- nourishing recipes that focus on a low inflammatory diet with whole clean foods
- discover food timing benefits and burning that body fat!
We start 5/29 (right after Memorial Day) 
Kick off Summer in a fabulous feel good way! This is a easy to learn and do program that will work for you no matter where you are in your health & wellness goals or schedule.

  1. Program guidance and support for 10 days that will give you new tools for life and results in under 10 days!
  2. 10 Day Detox Program Guide download that you can use anytime for your own personal reset
  3. Access to a healthy & delish recipes folder
  4. Get coaching from a Health Coach and a Mindset Coach that will help you find success in your health journey with the proper tools & mindset!
  5. Affirmations for your health and fitness journey to use in your program and beyond for long term goals and success

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