When people put their trust in me and my services, it is my job to see that they get the results they are looking for in ways that are healthy, wholesome and good for them.  It is truly an amazing thing when clients not only achieve their goals but when they also uncover some of the extra unexpected life changes and benefits that come along with the ride. When you improve your overall health & wellness, you also improve your overall life & happiness.  

 Client Testimonials:

“This journey for Me has not been all about weight. It started 32 years ago for me. My beautiful, kind and southern born grandmother died at 58 yrs old of pancreatic cancer. She never smoked or drank. Went to church every wk. Raised three kids and loved her husband. On her death bed she said was dying from the foods she ate! This has always resonated with me. So this journey has been about reexamining the food we eat, my relationship with food and creating adifferent path for our family. I have been most surprised by “sugar” in foods. Why is there sugar in meatballs, salsa and spices.   I feel better with a constant energy throughout the day, sleeping like a rock at night.  My skin is clearer. Less bloating. No “crashes” after eating. Hair growing faster. More focused on tasks; I feel I am a little nicer, not as aggravated.  Positive outlook. So with all this being said, I have lost 13.7 pounds, fit into clothes that I have not been able to in awhile.   But the number one thing is I feel closer to the girls I went on this journey with, I love sharing green drinks, grabbing a water and discussing recipes! All of you have been inspirational during this journey, keep up the good work and know you “changed” for taking the first step! Hugs and cheers to your green drinks!” – T.H., Female Group Participant in 30-day Reset.  Mother of 1.

“I just had my son’s teacher conference.  The teacher said he is doing great!  His attention and listening in school has improved and he is doing good managing his emotions better.  I really believe with your help and guidance you gave our family, he is improving his health starting from the inside of his body and it affects how he feels and learns for the better.  He also has learned to like new foods such as kefir and chia seeds now.  And I will swear to anyone who asks, that getting healthy starting from the inside, has even helped my lifelong struggles with allergies.  I can’t believe how much it has changed how I feel!  It’s such a win, win for us.  Thank you!!!!”  – C.S., Female Client, Age 35. Mother of 2.

“Your life will change with Alicia.  She has been very patient with me as I work through giving up some bad habits.  Yes, I lost 10 pounds so far, but, let me tell you, it is so much more than that now.  My initial goal was to only lose weight, but Alicia has enlightened me.  Her tips, talks, education, passion and patience is making me realize that it’s about feeling good about who I am, my eating was a major distraction.  I’m very conscience of what I’m eating and how I’m feeling — Alicia continues to provide tools that help as I continue to shift my lifestyle to be healthy and more active.” – A.N., Female Client, Age 52. Mother of 3.

“Alicia is an all around fabulous Health Coach.  She is not only very knowledgeable of health issues, but is a wonderful listener while not passing any judgement.  She customized my health plan to fit both my dietary needs and my lifestyle.  I highly recommend her.  You will be a happy camper!” -O.B., Female Client, Age 51. 

“I was suffering from stomach issues and it was affecting me all the time.  I had an upper and lower GI and the doctor wanted to put me on steroids.  All of the side effects were not appealing.  I decided to be open to other alternatives and consulted with Alicia and told her of my dilemma.  She suggested that I change some of my eating habits and add in helpful supplements to help my digestion issues.  Within a few short weeks, my stomach issues started to lift and now have been completely eliminated from my program with her.  Alicia was spot on with her advice and coaching and has been a tremendous help in me feeling better. ” -G.T., Female Client, Age 61, Mother & Grandmother

“Alicia was a HUGE help to me. I came to her initially with weight loss trouble but also had some stomach issues to first address. When we started going over my issues, she recommend I try eliminating certain foods and my stomach has never felt better and I am so grateful for all her help!  She was always there for me with any questions I had. I continue to follow her recommendations for foods and supplements and my stomach feels amazing!  Thank you so much Alicia!” -T.S., Female Client, Age 30, Mother of 1

“Alicia has a passion to help her clients achieve optimal health, vitality and happiness. She supported and guided me through the implementation of mindful lifestyle modifications that create balance within. She promotes and markets good health through innovative health food programs and products that are designed specifically to your own body.  This was a complete program including cleansing, detoxifying with natural and inexpensive products for me.  She helped me be aware of what foods are good for my unique body. In the process I feel much better having more energy and having more of a healthy glow. I have lost weight naturally without having to eat strictly or in scarcity. I now enjoy healthier foods such as lots of fruits and vegetables. I do not miss the foods I grew up with thinking they were OK.  I personally lost 10 pounds that I have not rid in over 5 years and my fat levels dropped dramatically. My digestive and elimination system works more efficiently. Alicia explains things in a gentle and consultative manner. I really believe that if we all make more conscious choices as to what we eat and feed our families we can rid of lots of chronic diseases that are disturbing our society. Thank you Alicia for helping me. ” -G.B., Female Client, Age 56, Mother & Grandmother 

“When I started this program with Alicia, I didn’t want to do a diet that would be unrealistic that would make me gain what I lost. I wanted to learn a new way of living a healthier life style. I have become more aware of what I am consuming and I listen to my body for what it needs and not just what it wants. I have learned new things that are easy to adapt into my daily life. Having Alicia there for me, has helped with making me feel not alone in this process.”  -M.N., Female Client, Age 27